Kermanshah Earthquake Images


The Iran-Iraq earthquake of 7.3 magnitudes happened on the evening of Sunday, Nov. 12, 2017, near Azgaleh, Kermanshah province and near the border between two countries. The number of deaths in Iran reached 620 people and 9, 388 people injured. About 70,000 Iranians became homeless caused by the earthquake. According to the Iranian Housing Foundation, 122,000 urban and rural residential units were destroyed 100%. Also, 15 thousand residential units need to be repaired.
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The Red Crescent Relief Helicopter is relieving people in the village of Imam Ali Olya, whose 7.3-magnitude earthquake has devastated their homes.
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A woman from Dehjami village, Kermanshah province, is rubbing her destroyed house off without any equipment on the second day following the earthquake.
The residents of Dehjami village are followers of the Yarsan religion. 80% of their village was destroyed on Sunday evening. This photo indicates one of the "followers” of Seyed Nasruddin Heydari (one of the leaders of the cult) who has come out of the collapsed wall of the man's house.
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Four days following the earthquake, food is distributed with some difficulties between the residents of Sar-e-Pol-e Zahab.
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The people who live in damaged Imam Ali Olya village by the earthquake are running toward the Red Crescent Relief Packets; providing relief to the people in this region is done by air for hard road conditions.
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Keshvar, a 67-year-old woman from the village of Imam Ali Olya from Dasht-e Zahab of Kermanshah is crying on the ruins of her home.
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The only asset of the old man who lives in Imam Ali Olya village was three sheep that were left under the ruins.